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About Hands Of Eir

Pronounced as "air"

It started with a desire to help people, years later bloomed into sacred learning experiences at the
School of Natural Medicine, where I studied in Boulder Colorado for 2 fulfilling years with Farida Sharan to share with everyone! At Hands of Eir Healing I am committed to making you feel good inside and out! In combination of foot reflexology and healing diets counseling my customized plan will show you it's cost effective & simple to take yourself on that journey to homeostasis. Ready, set! Glow! Inside and out!

Heres my guide that I customize for you!

  • Step one, free consultation, i'll spend the time to talk or FaceTime on the phone, as well as meet at a tea / coffee shop if your in the area! ( currently in south Florida )

  • we discuss your routines, what you eat, self care, to what kind of shoes you wear,& much more to adjust your routine to maximize balancing of the body 

  • Than I customize nutritious, yummy recipes that will work with your gut. These will be based off of a whole plant based diet,  herbal supplements, and alkaline diet

  • Next we will schedule weekly foot reflexology sessions to focus on stimulating the body which will speed up the balancing process

  • after 3 weeks your skin will have regenerated creating a new skin for your body to balance in!

  • after a months time of custom nutrition and recipes, foot reflexology, and 24/7 guidance, I guarantee you'll feel like a new balanced being! 


Foot Reflexology

It's not just a foot massage! It involves the reflexologist applying pressure to specific areas in the feet that activate the self healing process within!

  • Have any kind of body ache?
  • Want to eliminate toxins without taking or drinking anything?

  • Pain relief for multiple sclerosis symptoms

  • Pain relief for chemotherapy side effects

  • Reduce high blood pressure

  • Speed up recovery from an injury or surgery

  • Reduce depression

  • Or just drift off into relaxation and wake up in pure bliss!

Schedule an appointment for a foot reflexology session today!

Healing Diets Journey

My Healing Diets Counselor certification allows me to guide you through a self healing process by the power of a plant based diet, herbal supplements, and a personalized journey to homeostasis! Each journey is customized to you but follows my guidelines. I'm available to travel to any state, chat via Skype or FaceTime, as well as meet in person if your in South Florida!


Contact Sarah

Hands of Eir Healing

Tel: 720-515-3771

Email: Handsofeir@gmail.com

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